Studio 281

Fine Art and Framing

No other WA framer comes close to achieving the high standards that we implement each day. We'll match any competitor's quote." 

At Studio 281 we suit every need, we stretch blank canvases with our own premium fabric stock onto manufactured stretcher bar to suit your every need. We also Stretch anything from digital prints, oversize canvases and Bali paintings, we are leaders in this field. We have a range of thicknesses, we never use wedges to add tension.

The wood we use for our bracing is from seasoned strong wood that will not warp or twist. Made with a custom sloped edge with a rounded backing it prevent bar marks, easy stretching and stops the bar from touching the back of the canvas. At studio 281 we do not finger join or order our canvases ready made from a supplier. Everything is made in house by hand, from very experienced framers, who take a passion in perfection and detail.

Frames can be added to a canvas to enhance the artwork, with unique Silhouette frames available. We can also create an inner slip frame which can sit inside the outer larger frame, giving an inner edge, leaving you with a very opulent finish.