Studio 281

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Leonardo Flavel: Solo Exhibition @ Studio 281

On October 14th, 6pm, witness a one-of-a-kind exhibition showcasing the secret double-life of a gallery owner with a creative flair for art and business. 

Art gallery director Leonardo Flavel will reveal all with his collection of original paintings and poetry that he has been working on since the age of 12. This life time body of work highlights the pinnacle moments of his journey, narrating a timeline of inspirational events that lead up to the success of the Studio 281 gallery. 

From Watercolours to Graffiti, and then to Framing and Curation, see for yourself the influence and experience that allows Leonardo to apply this wealth of knowledge to his creative practice, as well as every other aspect in his business and personal projects.

With 20 substantial years of experience in framing and visual presentation, This will be a show that would inspire and alter future curatorial dialogue.