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Jodee Knowles: That Kind of Silence That Draws Attention

After a two year hiatus, established artist Jodee Knowles is back to take you through an intimate and revealing journey via a solo exhibition at Studio 281's "Ferguson Foundry" exhibition space.

Subsequent to touring twice with Anthony Lister through Volcom and Underdogs Gallery, Knowles has created a body of work that reflects her personal experiences. The current oeuvre of work delves into her inner-reality, and explores the importance of compassion and empathy as part of the human condition. Knowles touches on issues such as self worth and the struggles that come with being kind in today's society. The series plays on a mixture of Knowle's own strength and weaknesses as an artist and a human being, and juxtaposes them to create a unique visual language that still feels familiar to her audience. 

Knowles concurrently works on the Father Superior Project which involves having her favourite artists hand paint onto vintage jackets from her collection. The intention of this project is to create a collection of fashionable garments that are also works of art. Eco-friendly designer Estelle huijer, will be contributing to the project by reworking the jackets once the artworks are painted, and the finalised designs will be available for viewing during the exhibition.

Collectively, the show itself is intended to be more than stylised works of art, sculpture and fashion. Beneath the deceptively simple aesthetics, Knowles evokes in us, feelings, messages and narratives with her sophisticated use of gesture and symbolism.

Through this exhibition, Knowles plans to transform the exhibition space into a moment in time; a feeling you can’t shake, using her new collection of works. Studio 281 and Jodee Knowles will be jointly organising a preview of this new collection exclusively for VIP guests before the opening night.

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