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Safe and Comfortable by George Howlett and Alex Tandy

On the 23rd September, Join us for an exhibition with two amazing emerging artists, George Howlett and Alex Tandy at the Ferguson Foundry gallery. The night will feature the unique identities and visual language of each artist with a dazzling display of light and sculpture, alongside good music and refreshments!

"The term “Knockout” Is a confusing one.

Does it mean that you knocked someone out? Or not?

Or is it that you’ve been knocked out?

I had a dream last night that I tried to catch my friend from falling I dropped him and he got knocked out.

I’m a Knockout! AT 2K17"

Alexander Tandy is an emerging visual artist working in Fremantle, Western Australia. Having graduated from North Metropolitan Tafe in 2016, Tandy has continued to develop a practise dependent upon intuition. The motivation behind much of Tandy’s work is what he terms ‘proof of life’; essentially a non-objective language derived from living. Due to this ‘constant sentence’ style of working, and the serendipitous reliance of his work, Tandy is not confined to rigid media, choosing instead to engage with anything he comes into contact with. Treating everything as a moment, Tandy places emphasis on process, believing that every movement from before the work has taken place through to its fruition acts as the material language.

George is a multi-disciplinary artist that uses light, color and form to create bold and striking compositions. Sourcing materials from sale racks, deserted offices and closed down delis, for the past 3 years his medium of choice has been recycled industrial and commercial lighting products. George makes expert use of the rampant detritus of capitalism, repurposing discarded and found materials in increasingly inventive ways.