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Exhibition & Talk with Candy Love

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Join Studio 281 with an exhibition alongside artist Candy Love as she shares her story of overcoming her fight against depression and anxiety through the exploration of creativity and abstract art . 

Candy's oeuvre of art is an open dialogue that portrays her inner-journey from her very first painting through to the large vibrant and uplifting canvas she uses to express her soul and her emotions.

The series is a retrospect that reveals Candy's growth as a person and artist, while also sharing a powerful message for others, especially those who are going through hard times, the importance of self acceptance, self love and living an inspired life.

Event starts at 7pm with drinks and nibbles provided. Hear Candy Love share her story at 7:30pm.



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About the Artist:

Candy is a self taught abstract artist who began painting in July 2015 as a way to deal with depression and anxiety as a result of unexplained seizures. She used painting as a way to connect to herself on a deeper layer, as a form of meditation and therapy. She has continued to paint ever since and with time her paintings have evolved in the message they each share to uplift and inspire others to connect to themselves and their creativity. She uses acrylic on large canvas with bright striking colours and loves that each person can interpret and see something completely different in each painting. In a time when she felt out of control in her life, abstract painting enabled her a safe space to not have to try and control anything, to connect to the brush and let her soul express what she was feeling and to let it move through her. This exhibition has been a vision of hers for more then 12 months and is a timeline of her paintings and the journey she has been on from the very first painting she did nearly three years ago, to one she is working on leading up to the exhibition. This is more then a exhibition, this is a story of transformation, self acceptance and finding yourself through creativity.

Earlier Event: April 28
Later Event: June 2