Studio 281


“Studio 281 is an active art gallery and framing studio,
operating since 2004. You name it, we’ve framed it.”

The gallery and framing studio are an integral establishment, within the City of Bayswater region. The business supports local arts initiatives through thoughtful contributions to street scapes, live art events and venue curating services. Established by Director, Leo Flavel, in 2004, Studio 281 exists to showcase artwork that inspires spaces, the community and the individual. We do this by offering the best possible service, quality and workmanship.

"We give artwork the space, power and presentation it deserves."

At Studio 281, our speciality is to produce quality custom frames to protect and enhance your original artworks, posters, photographs and memorabilia. Delicate items such as jewellery and garments can be framed for a stunning display.

The Studio 281 team are experts in colour and texture; bringing harmony to your new collection and your home. Decades of experience in fine art framing for exhibitions, oversize installations and museum artifacts, sees Studio 281 confidently deliver pristine custom frames.

How do I get my artwork or item custom framed?

  1. Book a ‘Framing Assesment’ appointment at Studio 281 and bring your item.

  2. Custom design your frame to suit your home or project with the Master Framer.

  3. Option for your completed frame to be delivered and installed by Studio 281.

All framing is carefully inspected for longevity and consistency prior to approval for release. We provide bubble wrap, custom boxes and pine crates, ensuring your artwork is ready for transporting around the corner or around the world. Let us know if your item is travelling long distance to it’s new home, so we can package accordingly.

Is Studio 281 able to hang or install my new artwork?

Yes, absolutely! Studio 281 are equipped with all the tools and fittings to professionally hang your artwork. For convenience, we can deliver and hang your artwork on your wall with no mess left behind. This is a great option for oversize pieces.


If an artwork appeals to you, but you are unsure how to ‘fit’ into your home, office or venue, Studio 281 is here to help! Our professional consultants review the intended display area with your desired artwork in mind, determining the perfect placement. Factors to consider are existing decor, colours, textures and building structure of the intended display area. Framing is completely customised to highlight the characterstics of the artwork. If you have your heart set on a particular piece, but would still like a professional opinion on how to best display the piece, we can do that too. On-site consultations are a unique service that allow Studio 281 clientele to feel at ease with informed framing choices and artwork placement.

If you have an empty area, but not sure what kind of artwork would suit, we can measure the display area and propose a selection of artworks and/or framing options to complement the space. Recommendations for artworks could include signature pieces by an established artist or even a mural design by one of our talented local artists.

To book an on-site consultation, contact Studio 281 Director, Leo Flavel on 0413 233 578.