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30. an Exhibition by Ryan Ammon
6:30 PM18:30

30. an Exhibition by Ryan Ammon

I've decided to put together an exhibition for my 30th birthday featuring 30 portraits of people who have inspired or supported me in life. As a full time freelance photographer, I'm actively working in a career that I love and am passionate about. But for me to get to where I am today there are so many people I can thank for contributing to my journey, with their support, creating opportunities and sharing some insightful words that allowed me to spread my wings. 

Each portrait is accompanied by #WORDSOFWISDOM, a piece of advice shared by the photographed person that can help guide and inspire others to also reach their full potential. Being multi-racial myself, the collection also aims to be diverse as I am proud to work in and support multicultural environments. 

The goal of the project is to end up with a printed coffee table book, featuring the portraits of the friends and family I capture, with their gracefully given words. These will be available to order on the night with part proceeds going to charity. More details to come soon. 

Entertainment on the night is provided by the talented Jonny Taylor, with food by Glen Hagger of GH Produce and snacks by Yasmin Walter.

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We Can Be Heroes
to Jul 30

We Can Be Heroes

Sydney based Pop artist Kathryn Gallagher is best known for her boldly-coloured paintings based on mash ups of comic strips, advertisements and iconic Hollywood Celebrity. Like much Pop Art, it provokes debate over ideas of originality, consumerism and the fine line between fine art and entertainment. Yet at the sime time appeals to the child within. Kathryn approaches the creation of her art and use of subject matter similar to how a new born child would view the world; everything is fascinating and nothing mundane. She aims to capture a childlike innocence and wonderment in all her works, because she feels that children best understand the essence of creativity. They don’t try to dissect and over analyse what they see, but rather get lost in the magic and joy in what this world has to offer. 

Career highlights include: 2012’s first solo show “The Return Journey” which sold out on opening night, a presentation of a commissioned work to singer – actress Julie Andrews, personal invitation to contribute commissioned work for The Marilyn Monroe Festival in both Sydney and Melbourne, and personal invitation from Martin Sharp to contribute work for “Graceland” exhibition at Goulbourn’s South Hill Gallery.

Kathryn’s work has appeared in various art publications and newspapers including, Australian Art Collector, Art Edit Magazine,Empty, Vivid Magazine, Phoenix Graphics featured artist, art almanac and Jetstars in flight Magazine (November 2015 issue)

Michael Powe , Anala Art Advisory

Go to store, to view Kathryn's work 

After her Solo Exhibition at Studio 281 Kathryn has another upcoming show in Sydney 

Tuesday October 13th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Project 504 Gallery, 504 Pacific Hwy,
St Leonards NSW 2065.



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Making Waves
to Jul 9

Making Waves


“I’m an artist who doesn’t paint,” admits Leo Flavel, owner of Studio 281 Gallery who has had the task of handpicking a group of talented artists to be showcased in the gallery’s upcoming new show: Making Waves – An Exhibition of Fucking Awesome.

With the collaboration from local mural artist and co-curator, Daek William, the two intend to exhibit innovative pieces from not only emerging, but established Australian talents. The line-up includes local favourite like Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Jarrad Martyn and Fudgeworks to national creatives such as illustrator Sean Morris and Lister. 

Based on the belief of, ‘out with the old and in with the new,’ Making Waves is synonymous to the concept of representing current artists; an initiative to expose and promote modern, low-brow art. The exhibition aims to deliver new, exciting, vibrant and reinvigorating art for it’s viewers. 

Making Waves – will open on Saturday, 25th June at Studio 281 Gallery - 281 Guildford Road Maylands. The opening show will begin at 6pm, sponsored by local craft beer brewery - Nail Brewing.

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Secret Walls Artist Exhibiton
to Jun 12

Secret Walls Artist Exhibiton

Secret Walls x Australia Vs HOWA was an amazing event. The Positivity Hoodie Project was created to support and keep warm Perth's homeless through winter. Secret Walls has collaborated with Studio 281 to say thank you to the 9 artists that battled March 22 in aid of WA's Homeless with an exhibition of their work.
Come down to Studio281 and meet the artists, view some selected works, which will all be available for sale.

Dipesh 'peche' Prasad
Fajar Sugiarto
Michelle Naumovskii
Jennifer Taylor ART
Idol Motions
Nathan Richards AKA Paper Wombat
Tyson Elmer Cartoonist...
Artworks by Bertie Louise

Sponsor // Gage Roads Brewing Co // Secret Walls x Australia

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