Studio 281

Fine Art and Framing

Matboards come in various finishes, colours and styles, anything from reflective, matt, suade, decorative, black core and white core. There are multitudes of selections and many artistic ways to present your artwork; especially with our custom designs that are available through our Wizard matboard cutter. There are a few different grades of mat board available, the most common being the standard whitecore by Crescent select for our everyday imagery and the rag matt museum solids for archival works. 


  • Rag Matt Museum Solids

      The Rag matt is 100% virgin cotton fibre,
      Contains no lignin with little deterioration after 75 years.
      Added calcium carbonate, protect it against atmospheric acidity

  • Standard Mattboard

      Made from non purified wood pulp
      Standard boards are buffered with 3% calcium to create some longevity.

The mat board can create space between the artwork and the frame, enlarging the overall look of the picture frame and giving the artwork room to breathe. Where as the window size can be reduced to crop an artwork or conceal unwanted sections. Mattboards can also be decorated with diverse inscriptions, patterns, lines and other etchings.