Studio 281

Fine Art and Framing


Anything can be framed, this all depends on your requirements and aims for the artwork. We have some unbelievable stories of items that have gone into frames and onto walls, from swords, WWII jackets and helms, AFL jerseys, dried wedding bouquets, replica pistols, masks, ballerina shoes and much, much more. 

Conservation framing is simply to encase and preserve the artwork while leaving its original condition unchanged. We do this with the prevention of UV light, humidity, insects, air pollutants, and the quality of materials touching and in close contact with the artwork. Our frames are all hand sealed with archival framing tape ‘Rinrei’, where as the backing board is fixed in place for a permanent seal, while tacking can be provided for temporary works.


The Proces

  1. Hinged with ‘Lineco’ conservation water soluble linen tape
  2. * Spaced from the glass via conservation rag matboard
  3. * Museum grade UV resistant glass with non reflectivity
  4. * Conservation barrier Board
  5. * 100% conservative foamcore backing
  6. * Inner sealed with acid free air pourous tape
  7. * Outer sealed options