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Studio 281 provides an outlet for local and international artists, visitors are encouraged to walk in and browse for hours... Our passion and our success I believe is due to a genuine interest and the fact that we know what we are doing.
— Sunday Times Newspaper

Humble and Genuine

Studio 281 is a boutique gallery specialising in the works of National and International artists. We exhibit works from renowned and prolific personalities whilst keeping your experience a breeze, offering a variety of services for every artwork; from home consultancy to framing and hanging. We take great interest in the up-and-comers of the state, with the recent success of talents such as Jodee Knowles, Alexandra Lekias, and Pippa McManus being highly promoted by the gallery through its innovative exhibition styles and renowned abilities for holding an outstanding and memorable show. 

At Studio 281 we dedicate ourselves to the artwork and those enjoying the gallery in a relaxed and friendly environment, constantly innovating and eager to introduce new life into the art scene of Western Australia.


100% Handmade Framing

We are Experts in colour and texture; bringing harmony to your new collection and your home. With decades of experience under our belt, Studio 281 is undoubtedly the finest framing studio in WA. With in-depth experience of fine art framing for exhibitions, large oversize installation and museum artifacts; Studio 281 is nothing short of the finest quality in framing around.

  1. Meet us with your artwork or piece for assessment.
  2. Custom design your artwork to match your home or project with the master Framer.
  3. Receive your artwork or have it delivered on site and installed by our installation experts.

All framing is fully inspected before delivery and assessed for longevity and consistency, any faults and the artwork is completely reframed until perfect.